A Starlight Projector Makes My Adult Bedroom Feel Like a Sanctuary

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I had a terrible day. My apartment complex ripped up the carpets in the hallway, and I had to listen to my dog bark for twelve hours straight. I need something to ease my mind—and fast. And I know just what to reach for.

My starlight projector is small and new, but it’s already my favorite thing in the whole apartment. It’s called a Sky Lite , and I bought it off of Amazon with my stimulus check this year. It’s the best $60 I’ve ever spent. I don’t think I realized how lonely I felt at night until I had the night sky projected above my bedroom. I had hung blackout curtains in my room to cut out the bright lights from the street lamps in my complex, but sleeping in pitch black had an unintended side effect—I started to feel more depressed at night. But now that I have my starlight projector, the emptiness feels less heavy.

Now when I fall asleep, there’s a bright blue nebula—it looks almost like waves in an ocean—swirling around my ceiling. Small blue dots that represent far-away stars move hypnotizingly through the nebula. For a space geek like me, it’s heaven. I’m no astronaut, so my projector is about as close as this freelance-writing city kid is going to get to the real thing (until Elon Musk hurries up and figures out semi-affordable space travel). But even if you’re not a space geek yourself, the Sky Lite is the perfect solution for an acceptable adult night light (seriously, no one will judge you, it’s that cool ).

Even pets are mesmerized by it. I’ll catch my cat, Clementine, staring up at the ceiling, watching the nebula move and the stars go around in a circle. (It’s basically one giant laser pointer for your cat.) She’ll spend a half an hour each night staring at the lights—I’m usually doing the same right there with her—before finally curling up next to my pillow to settle in for the night. It makes me feel at peace.

The best part about the starlight projector, though, is that it is a serious vibe.

With the blackout curtains and space-on-demand, I can have a room that’s perpetually nighttime. If I’m stressed during the day or just need a peaceful place to write, I turn on my fairy lights, pop on my starlight projector, and instantly I feel more creative. I’m most productive that way too. I don’t need to wait until nighttime to relax under the stars .

It’s only been two months, but the starlight projector has already become something I know I’ll make a part of my home for years to come. It’s going to be great for parties and relaxing with friends. I know someone who has the exact same projector and used it during trivia night the same way you’d use a disco ball. And having a heart to heart with a friend is going to feel much more intimate under the night sky. The idea of sharing a night under the stars with a future partner makes me smile. I’m still on the fence about whether I want children or not, but I would imagine that if I had one, they would love my starlight projector just as much as I do.

Thanks to some blackout curtains and a starlight projector, my bedroom has become my sanctuary. I honestly can’t picture my life without it.

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