Amazon Launches Affordable Furniture Collection with Stylish Small Spaces in Mind

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If you reside in a dense metropolis, chances are that your living space is limited. Small square footages are one of the tradeoffs for being among hustle and bustle, but it doesn’t mean you have feel cramped while in your home. Through clever industrial design, furniture for tiny spaces can mitigate potential issues like too little storage or the need for extra sleeping space.

Amazon has launched their own brand that creates affordable living room furniture for small spaces. Called Rivet, it has a Mid-Century modern aesthetic that inspires the materials used as well as the silhouettes of its designs. In addition to those characteristics, many of the pieces have two functions. The Fold Modern Ottoman, for instance, doubles as a sofa bed; simply fold back the cushion and pull out a twin-sized bed. It’s perfect for a surprise visitor.

Check out more of our favorite pieces, below, and see the entire selection on Amazon.

If you live in a cramped apartment, it's time to rejoice: Amazon has created a collection of living room furniture for small spaces!

Rivet: Website

h/t: [Living in a Shoebox]

All images via Amazon.

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