Cold Shower Benefits: Why You Should Do This

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Having a cold shower does not only give a feeling of comfort. It also does offer a lot of other benefits. And this is not just a placebo effect but it offers actual health benefits to the body.  You can use your rail shower with overhead to set the water to cold in order to experience the advantages of taking cold showers every day.

What are the Benefits of Taking Cold Showers

It calms your itchy skin

If you are experiencing allergic reactions or other skin conditions like psoriasis or sunburn, you can definitely benefit from taking cold showers. The cold water gives a numbing effect to the skin which helps alleviate the itchy sensation.

But you have to take note that the cold water from your rail shower with overhead does not cure your skin diseases. It only relieves the sensation but the rash or allergic reaction stays in your body. You still need to consult a doctor to help you with your condition.

It can detoxify the body

Cold water has an amazing effect on the body. It speeds up the heart rate, which causes the body to pump blood faster. The movement of the blood makes the overall circulation better. And this continues even after going out of the bathroom.

Because of the faster circulation of blood, it detoxifies and cleanses the body. If you are going to switch the hot and cold water, you can even improve the health of your whole cardio system.

It helps your workout recovery

Have you heard about athletes taking cold showers after a game? Most experts suggest cold showers because it helps in the recovery of the athlete’s body. If you just came from a workout or a run, you should have a cold shower to better recuperate and reduce the soreness of the body.

You can also avoid excessive injury, especially during muscle tears by taking cold showers and even soaking yourself in an ice bath for 10 to 15 minutes.

It helps in reducing swelling of the skin

As mentioned earlier, cold water helps in reducing the effects of itchiness caused by various skin conditions. But aside from this, it can also decrease swelling and inflammation. If you are concerned about possible puffing of the skin because of a minor skin procedure, you can take a cold shower to diminish swelling.

It wakes you up

If you need to be mentally awake early in the morning because of a variety of reasons, you should take a cold shower. Cold water gives a shock to your body that hot water can never provide. Hot water makes you relax more and can put you more to sleep. On the other hand, cold water helps your heart to circulate more blood to your body, and this includes your brain.

You will be more attentive and alert after a cold shower.

It can help you with your hair health

While this benefit needs more research, some experts state that hair health is being promoted by cold showers. Hot water dries out the sebum layer of the scalp. This is the layer that gives the natural oils and lubrication to the hair. Reducing the sebum layer can make your hair less protected.

Other experts say cold showers can also make the hair cuticles stronger. The more strength that the hair has, the more consistently healthy they become.


Going home after a long day requires a cold shower. Whether you have a rail shower with overhead or just a standard fixed shower head, you should always have that bath to cleanse the night away and restore your body for the next day. Have a cold shower and experience the benefits of doing it every day. 


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