Small Space Furniture Ideas

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Understanding Scale

Choosing the right furniture for small spaces is crucial. You don’t want a room to feel unsubstantial, but furniture that carries too much heft can overwhelm your space. For the living room, opt for armless side chairs paired with open end tables, like nesting tables. The smaller scale nesting table can be placed anywhere when needed, like in front of the sleeper sofa or next to a chair, but then tucked away when not in use. When choosing sofas for small spaces, look for ones with tight upholstery that sit off the ground on tapered legs. That tiny amount of space between the sofa and the floor will add a surprising feeling of openness to your floor plan.

In the bedroom, start with the bed. If a king-sized bed is non-negotiable, make sure you have enough room around the perimeter of the frame to allow access on all three sides. Pair with small nightstands that can double as storage for essentials. If there isn’t room for a traditional nightstand, consider small accent tables in their place. If it’s still a tight squeeze, hang shelving above the bed for nighttime essentials like books, glasses, and alarm clocks, and wall mount reading lights in place of table lamps.

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