Stylish Designs for Kitchen Islands

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Here's a tip few pros will disagree with: If you can fit a standalone structure in your kitchen, there’s no better use of that space than a kitchen island. Not only do they open up more eating, prepping, cooking, and entertaining room than you could ever imagine, but they also make a huge statement as a front-and-center design piece that will complement modern-rustic design ideas. Yes, the pressure’s truly on to exert your design prowess—but that doesn't mean it has to be hard!

To help inspire your own makeover, we scoped out the best kitchen island ideas that you can easily implement. Think white islands (all the better to pair with your farmhouse decorating style), large reclaimed wood islands, 15 DIY kitchen islands to totally transform your kitchen space, and rustic islands, all with corresponding chairs and stools fit to match. There’s even the option to convert yours into a stovetop for more double-duty convenience. Don’t be deterred by kitchen size or trends. One homeowner used a narrow rolling cart that's chic and portable!

With seating options, plenty of space to work, and unique design elements, there's a kitchen island bound to fit your needs and style.

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