The Ultimate Kitchen Cleaning Checklist

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The kitchen at home is the most important place in our home, and the cleaning of the kitchen is also the most important place in our daily life. When cleaning, there are many details that we are most likely to ignore. So today, the editor will remind you that you must not ignore these dirty places.

Pot Lid

When we wash the dishes after dinner, we will definitely brush the pot, but some people may not think of washing the lid. Although the lid of the pot does not directly touch the dishes, a lot of oil fumes will stick to the surface, thick grease and dust will accumulate on the surface, and there will be a lot of bacteria. So every time we brush the pot, we can brush the lid of the pot by the way, and we can use an appropriate amount of dishwashing liquid to dissolve the dirt, and then we can wash it clean.


The rag is the tool we use to clean everything in the kitchen, and it's also where the kitchen germs hide. Because the rag is often in a wet state, the rag not only has grease wiped off from other places but also easily breeds bacteria. Such a rag will not only fail to clean but will cause greater pollution of items. Such rags will not only fail to clean but will cause greater contamination of items

Chopping Board

The cutting board is where we usually cut things. Sometimes the food residue left on the cutting board will remain on the cutting board. In addition, the cutting board may be in contact with water all day long, so the humid environment is easy to breed bacteria, especially For wooden cutting boards. Therefore, after cutting the vegetables, we need to rinse the residue on the cutting board with water or scald it with boiling water, and then put the cutting board in a clean, ventilated, and sunny place to dry.


A Sink is a place where we often wash things and must be kept clean. Sometimes when we wash the dishes, the food residues that we wash off will stay in the sink before we can clean them up, which is easy to rot and deteriorate, producing harmful bacteria. So every time we clean the pots and dishes, we also need to clean the sink and clean the food residues in it from time to time.

Range Hood

It is best to clean the range hood once a week, as a lot of greases will accumulate in it, which will not only reduce the service life of the range hood but also reduce the use effect. If the fumes are not cleaned out of the kitchen in time, they are also a threat to human health and are likely to cause respiratory diseases. When we clean it, it is best to use a professional cleaning agent to clean it.

Floor Drain

The floor drain is easy to block the dirt, and the accumulated dirt is easy to breed bacteria. Therefore, we must pay attention to cleaning the floor drain every day. We can use a small brush to clean up the residual dirt in the drain, and then use boiling water or diluted vinegar poured into the drain pipe to remove stubborn stains. In addition, just like the floor waste in bathroom cleaning method, we can put a little baking soda in the kitchen drain to clean up dirt and deodorize.


These are the places in the kitchen that we must pay attention to when cleaning, and we must not ignore them. I hope this article can help you.


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